Trajnim dhe edukim

Trajnim dhe edukim

3 hapa per studentet e huaj ne SHBA per te kursyer per edukim (permbajtja ne anglisht)

For anyone outside of the United States considering studying here, start saving early, experts say.

US NewsInternational students wanting to study in the United States have a unique challenge compared to their American counterparts: They have to prove they have the funds to attend college before starting the school year. The fear is that if international students don't have the money to complete their education, says Peggy Blumenthal, the Institute of International Education's (IIE) senior counselor, they won't be able to afford to complete their degree and accomplish their goals.

Since the vast majority of international undergraduate students, according to Blumenthal, pay for their education out of personal and family funds, it's important for families considering a U.S. education to estimate costs and start saving for college as soon as possible.

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